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BeValued Australia is a leading provider of digitally enabled solutions that significantly reduce operational costs, cycle times and indemnity spend, whilst improving the customer journey.  We partner with many of Australia's leading Insurers and High Street retailers, providing a full service contents strategy. Please contact us to find out more.

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Desktop validation for Insurers

Desktop validation for Insurers

Validator 4 is our market leading desktop validation tool that provides real time like-for-like replacement options and pricing across a wide range of categories including:

  • PC's, Laptops & Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Electrical Entertainment
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Photography

Validator 4 can operate as a standalone of fully integrated platform. To find out more or to book a demonstration, follow the link below.

Validator 4
Claim Companion - Customer Portal

Claim Companion - Customer Portal

Claim Companion is our customer facing portal that allows a fully digital claim journey from FNOL to Settlement.

With its intelligent question sets and intuitive customer centric interface, Claim Companion reduces cycle time and operational costs whilst improving customer satisfaction.

To find out more or to book a demonstration, follow the link below.

Claim Companion
Mobile Device - Assessment & Repair

Mobile Device - Assessment & Repair

Mobile device claims make up one of the biggest spend areas for Insurers globally.

With a focus on environmentally sustainable solutions and cost containment, BeValued is building an integrated assessment and repair solution that will deliver a consistent approach that Insurers and their customers can rely upon.

Integrated Supplier Ordering

Integrated Supplier Ordering

We work with many of Australia's most recognised high street and online suppliers to provide the most comprehensive range of products at the most competitive possible price.

Our award winning software, Validator 4, not only delivers real time like-for-like validations, but can also place orders directly with suppliers, providing a seamless process and improving customer experience.


Validator 4
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