Replacement Options

Where a repair is not possible, we will provide you with a replacement in accordance with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

You can find out about how we assess whether your items are suitable for repair by following the link below:



We partner with leading high street and online retailers to provide you with the widest possible choice.



Like-for-like replacements are selected based on the technical specification of the original items. BeValued utilises industry-leading technology to rapidly identify the most suitable replacement items.

Due to changes in technology, some features of your original items may not be available, however you may also find that replacement items have several new or improved features. 

You can rest-assured we will always provide you with the most suitable replacement solutions.



Vouchers are a convenient option that allow you to select your preferred replacement items from leading High Street and online retailers.

In many instances vouchers can be sent electronically via text message or email.

Whether you want a little more time to select your replacements, or you wish to upgrade to an improved model, vouchers are often a great solution.



In certain circumstances your Insurer may allow a cash settlement for you claim.

If you elect to take a cash settlement the liability may be limited to the discounted amount that your Insurer would be charged for a like-for-like replacement product.

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