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Validator 4 (V4) is our flagship digital validation and valuation tool for home electrical and photography items. Its simplicity conceals the vast data catalogues and algorithms that allow replacement solutions to be found within seconds:

  • Settlement on first contact.
  • The largest database of products dating back over 25 years comprising close to one million items.
  • Key item features matched to an available like for like replacement. 
  • Supplier data feeds displaying real time costs and availability.
  • Customisable algorithms reflecting the underlying claims philosophy and settlement pathway.
  • Reduced indemnity spend through accurate validation and containment of betterment.
  • Embedded fraud indicators.
  • Reduced operational costs through removal of all processes involved in quotations.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through expedited process.

Validator 4 can be used as a standalone tool or integrated via API into your claims platform or third-party system. 

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